Mental Health

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) Therapy, Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Sarah Bealey is a qualified mediator and ACT Therapist who specialises in supporting clients who are experiencing conflict in the workplace or inner conflict requiring resolution, decisions and action planning. Registered with the Civil Mediation Council and Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development, she supports individuals, partners and team-mates to resolve differences or those struggling to find compromise solutions in complex negotiations. Sarah’s career spans over 20 years in Health Care Management and Governance, both with NHS and private sector providers. She is Arch Clinic’s Therapy Centre Manager and a qualified Mental Health First Aider for adults and a Mental Health First Aid Champion for Young People.

Call 01425 650071 or 07899 035870 for details

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and Life Coaching

Jill Dodd, HCPC, is an experienced CBT, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and ACT Therapist, Mindfulness and Life Coach with a clinical background in NHS mental health and wellbeing. She supports clients to overcome difficult thoughts and feelings and works with them to address their life's goals. Jill runs Arch Clinic’s Mindfulness Workshop and 8-week Course and co-facilitates Action for Happiness Courses. She convenes a monthly mindfulness group and publishes regular newsletters to ensure clients maintain their practice in the longer term. Appointments available at Arch Clinic to suit the client and their needs.

Call 01425 654661 or 01425 650071 for details

Clinical Psychology

Dr Liane Hubbins is a chartered Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience gained working in both NHS and independent sectors. She works with adults experiencing emotional and mental health difficulties, problems in relationships, and adjustment to difficult or traumatic life experiences and circumstances. Her approach is warm, empathic and non-judgemental. She draws on a range of psychological therapies to provide an individualised, evidence-informed approach to meet the needs of the people she is working with. She is an accredited Cognitive Analytic Therapy practitioner, and has also undertaken training in Compassion Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), and Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Liane works at the Arch Clinic on weekdays. Currently appointments are offered remotely via videocalling or telephone. Remote appointments are available during daytimes or evenings. Please ring Liane to discuss face to face appointments.

Liane is registered with a number of private health insurance companies and so it may be possible to use health insurance to cover the cost of appointments.

Please contact Liane if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss arranging an appointment. Telephone: 07399 696697 Email:

Counselling, Humanistic Gestalt

Nikki Hayes is a conscientious, supportive and empathic counsellor. She is a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and has worked with a wide client base in a variety of agencies such as Cruse, Peter Symonds College and Turning Point. Humanistic Gestalt Counselling is a highly positive and practical approach that effectively treats a range of mental health issues. Nikki treats individuals with profound respect, offering a balance of support and challenge. She adapts her holistic approach to suit her client’s needs, recognising that everyone is unique. She provides them with a safe, confidential space to explore their thoughts, feelings, behaviours, values and beliefs; helps them to create non-judgmental, self-awareness and become more aware of where they may feel blocked or stuck, unhappy or dissatisfied. This insight can then help to identify choices, enhance personal growth, health, wellbeing and fulfil their potential.

Call 07759 966824 or Arch Clinic on 01425 650071 for details

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Mark Wylie offers support to Adults, Young People, Children and Families, Mark has extensive experience of working with children diagnosed on the autism spectrum, children in foster or residential care, children with chronic health conditions as well as young people and adults who have been diagnosed with complex learning disabilities. Mark also supports those who live with chronic pain. He treats difficulties like anxiety, low mood, anger, school refusal, trauma, bereavement, sleep problems. Mark will arrange appointments to suit and currently offers remote via videocalling or telephone. Remote appointments are available during daytimes or evenings. Please ring Mark to discuss face to face appointments.

Mark is registered with a number of private health insurance companies and so it may be possible to use health insurance to cover the cost of appointments.

If you would like to find out more or would like to make an appointment, then please contact Mark on 07944 300630 or email

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Kathryn Gaussen, is an experienced Clinical Psychologist, working both in the NHS and independent sector. She works with adults and adolescents (15 years +) to help them manage a wide range of mental health problems in order for people to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. Kathryn aims to help clients feel supported to explore their difficulties and to discover new ways to view and manage those difficulties. She uses an integrated, tailored, approach developed alongside her clients to meet their needs, whilst also taking into account the research evidence.

Kathryn offers assessment and therapy on a Sunday at Arch Clinic and online and offers online and face to face appointments.

Email: or call 07946 871633 or 020 7112 8834 for details or leave a message and Kathryn will get back to you.

Children & Young People’s Psychotherapist

Christine Jacobs uses an integrated model of practice including art and creativity to engage playfully with my clients to help support and develop their internal strength, emotional resilience and confidence. My aim is to enable the clients I see to gain independence to manage challenges in a range of areas such as; anxiety, bullying, parental separation and divorce, bereavement, abuse. Her skills include an extensive awareness of psychiatric diagnoses in children and adolescents and a thorough knowledge of safeguarding. She has experience of working with children who are suffering from disorders connected with attachment and disruption to their emotional development.

For those who are waiting for a CAMHS appointment, Christine can provide rapid access to therapy that will support your child or young person and she works closely with external agencies. She currently does not work with adopted children, siblings or any child who is currently involved in, or included in, impending court action or family court.

Face to Face sessions run for 50-60 minutes and are held at Arch Clinic by appointment only, currently on Saturday mornings. Christine offers a free 30-minute introductory phone session.

To make an appointment, please call Christine direct on 07759 688373 or email

Registered Psychologist

Rachel is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and a Registered Forensic Psychologist with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPS). Clients come to Rachel experiencing difficulties including relationships, work, self-esteem, anxiety, low mood, feeling lost and stuck in life, phobias, and problems stemming from past trauma. As a forensic psychologist, she is experienced in working with people who experience harmful thoughts or feelings towards other people. Rachel carries out assessments in a number of areas including Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety and Depressive Disorders, Learning Disabilities, and Personality Disorder.

If you would like to find out more or make an appointment then please contact Rachel on 07796 004 844 or email:

Clinical Therapists


Shindler Sandhu is qualified with the Healthcare Professions Council (HCPC) and is a highly experienced therapist. He has practiced locally since 2005, seeing clients at Arch Clinic with a wide variety of hearing problems. He also helps clients who want to delay the onset of further hearing loss. He carries out free hearing checks, removal of ear wax by Microsuction, Hearing Aid checks and offers models to buy with full support offered. Shindler’s service is friendly, relaxed and accessible and always puts your hearing as a priority. Leaflet available by post or email.

Call 07834 528191 or Arch Clinic on 01425 650071 for details


Jo Phillips holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Acupuncture and is a member of the British Acupuncture Council. With 15 years’ experience, Jo is widely respected as a practitioner of Five Element Acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Acupuncture treats a wide variety of ailments, long term conditions, infertility and hormone-related conditions. It can also support recovery from injury or trauma, ease symptoms caused by neurological problems and can prove effective in pain management. Jo sees clients at Arch Clinic currently from Monday to Thursday each week. Please see Jo’s website and Facebook page for more information @jophillipsacupuncture

For appointments call 01425 462562 or email: or contact Arch Clinic on 01425 650071 for more information

Nutritional Therapy

Susan Davis is registered with the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy. Susan can identify if you need to avoid particular food groups using Allergy Testing. She treats all age groups and has a special interest in autism related conditions. Susan supports children’s development by helping to treat intolerances, poor eating habits, weight loss or gain, allergies, hyperactivity and lack of concentration. She also helps athletes, joggers and gym users on a 1:1 basis to enhance performance through the correct nutritional balance. For more information you can check out Susan’s website at or @susandavisnutrition

For appointments, allergy testing or 1:1 coaching call 07866 950685 or email: Further information from Arch Clinic 01425 650071



Justin Scriven qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1998 and after working in the NHS and abroad, settled in Fordingbridge and has managed his own practice since 2003. Registered with the Health Care Professionals Council, Justin offers the highest possible standard of care. With over 20 years’ experience, Justin has in-depth expertise in the assessment and treatment of muscle, joint and nerve problems which result in restriction of movement. His approach combines the best of intuitive 'hands on' techniques with specific rehabilitation exercises and movement retraining. Justin also has extensive experience in rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

Call 01425 462544 for appointments

Massage, Healing & Relaxation Therapists

Sports Massage Therapy and Personal Training

Alice Martin is a specialist in preventing and treating muscle and soft tissue injury to the body and neck. She also aids relaxation of facial muscles through head massage. Sports massage therapy works deep into the muscles, re-aligning their fibres & connective tissue & removing toxins. Regular sessions increase joint mobility & flexibility and reduce the risk of further injury. Alice combines a wide variety of sports massage techniques with hot stones to bring additional flexibility when muscles need help to relax. Alice is also qualified as a Personal Trainer including supporting clients with fitness training, nutrition, circuit training and personal development. Leaflet available by post or email.

Call Alice 07775 857414 or Arch Clinic 01425 650071 for details

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Edwina Berkeley provides this gentle, warm, relaxing and healing treatment by using gentle touch and holds on feet, pelvic area, back, shoulders, neck and head, aiming to help the body to create and maintain a healthy, balanced state. Cranio-sacral therapy is suitable for all ages from the newborn to the elderly and is particularly useful during pregnancy and after birth, for both mother and baby. People come for help in resolving stress, tension, trauma, acute physical problems affecting back and neck, headache/migraine, physical and emotional problems. Cranio-sacral therapy in the early postpartum period can also prevent some breastfeeding challenges by enhancing baby's tongue thrust, sucking reflex and latch. Treatment is also effective for babies.and children who present with irritability, poor sleep habits and tension. Price List and info available by post and email. See video below for more information from the Cranio Sacral Association.

Contact 07742 391425 / 01725 511927 or 01425 650071 for details

Sports Massage Therapy and Kinesiology Taping

Sam Kearley is qualified to treat a variety of muscular and soft tissue problems, from injury to recovery stage. Regular deep tissue massage is beneficial before and after exercise, post-injury, in post op rehab or to relieve chronic pain and tension. Sam also treats clients before races, matches or events, aiming to ensure that muscles and joints at risk of harm are supported as well as they can be. Where appropriate, Sam combines massage with kinesiology taping, a technique that offers support and stability to muscles and joints, but also helps to rehabilitates the affected condition as well. Leaflet available by post or email.

Call 07746 911169 or Arch Clinic on 01425 650071 for details

Other Services and Volunteers

Arch Clinic Volunteer

Julie Grange has been volunteering at Arch Clinic since March 2017 and helps with a variety of administrative duties. She has worked towards achieving her Voyager Award, assisted the team at Arch Clinic promotional events and public engagements.

Arch Clinic Volunteer

Mark Collington has walked with the team at Arch Clinic since 2017. Mark trained as a walk leader for our Healthy Walks for Carers in December 2019 and now jointly leads outings from Arch Clinic on Wednesdays each week.

Arch Clinic Volunteer

Mel Mochan works with the team as volunteer finance officer and has also led the 2019 Action for Happiness Course. Mel qualified as a Youth Mental Health First Aider in June 2019.