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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)


Tracie Bowerman, BABCP, BACP, has over 12 years as an experienced Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.     Tracie helps her clients to approach, make sense of and overcome the issues affecting their mental health and wellbeing. Her warm and collaborative approach helps to support clients with anxiety, depression, trauma, personality disorders, phobias, OCD, relationship difficulties and bereavement.  Tracie is resident at Arch Clinic on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Call: 07891 620795 or Arch Clinic on 01425 650071

Email:  tracie.b.cbt@btinternet.com,

Website: www.cbttherapysouth.co.uk




Laura Dixon, BABCP brings compassion, acceptance and warmth to her therapy practice and has worked in the NHS for over 12 years. Laura practices in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Compassion Focused Therapy and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).  These approaches work well alongside CBT, enabling her to focus on each person using a collaborative approach that carefully considers personal values and individual need.  Laura sees clients between the ages of 18 and 65 years old at Arch Clinic on days and at times to suit. She treats those who are experiencing a wide range of mental health and emotional difficulties including: anxiety, depression, anger, voices, psychosis, personality disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, complex trauma, personality difficulties and self harm.


Call 07518 451630 or 01425 650071 for details

Email:  lauradixoncbt@outlook.com




ACT Therapy, Mindfulness and Life Coaching


Jill Dodd, HCPC, is an experienced Occupational Therapist and Life Coach with a clinical background in NHS mental health and well-being. She is a trained Mindfulness and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) Practitioner supporting clients to overcome difficult thoughts and feelings and works with them to address their life's goals.  Jill runs a monthly mindfulness group and publishes regular newsletters so that clients can access peer support and opportunities to maintain their practice in the longer term.   Jill runs Arch Clinic’s 8-week Mindfulness Course and workshops and also co-facilitates the Action for Happiness Courses.  Appointments available at Arch Clinic to suit the client and their needs.

Contact:  01425 654661 or 01425 650071 for details

Email:  jill@momenttomoment.me

Website:  www.momenttomoment.me








Jill Alexander, BACP offers a confidential and supportive counselling service, available to young people and adults.  She is an experienced coach and mentor for children of all ages through her previous career as a SENCO and Inclusion Officer in primary and secondary education.  Jill helps to explore concerns, anxieties, grief, relationships and other issues affecting mental health, ability to achieve personal goals and wellbeing.  She enables clients to find alternative ways of looking at life, coping with changes they face and making better choices through times that are challenging, emotional and difficult to handle.  Jill is currently undergoing further training to provide CBT to young people at Arch Clinic.  Appointments available to suit the client and their needs.

Contact 07736561758 or 01425 650071 for details

Email: j.alexander528@btinternet.com




ACT Therapy, Conflict Resolution and Mediation


Sarah Bealey is a qualified mediator and ACT Therapist who specialises in supporting clients who are experiencing conflict in the workplace or inner conflict requiring resolution, decisions and action planning.  A member of the Professional Mediators’ Association and Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development, she supports individuals, partners and team-mates to resolve differences or those struggling to find compromise solutions in complex negotiations.   Sarah’s career spans over 20 years in Health Care Management and Governance, both with NHS and private sectors providers, and she is Arch Clinic’s Therapy Centre Manager.


Call 01425 650071 for details

Email: info@archclinic.co.uk

Website:  www.c-dltd.co.uk






Qualified Homeopaths, Amanda Jones and Vanessa Pimbblet are registered with the Society of Homeopaths and have backgrounds in nursing. A natural, energy-based form of medicine that stimulates the body to heal itself, homeopathy offers

another option when considering your health and wellbeing. It can safely be used alongside conventional medicine and treats the person as an individual, recognising that physical, mental and emotional symptoms are all related. Homeopathic

remedies are carefully selected to match the whole person and are natural, gentle and non-toxic, making them suitable for all ages. Amanda and Vanessa offer individual consultations, follow-ups and a programme of events and free sessions on using homeopathy for specific health issues e.g. hayfever clinics. They will see and treat all age groups.



Amanda Jones Tel: 07948 583233
Email: amandarjones@hotmail.co.uk





Vanessa Pimbblet Tel: 07530 643478
Email : vanessa@rebalancehomeopathy.co.uk


Websites: www.rebalancehomeopathy.co.uk and


Leaflet available by post or email





Yoga and Holistic Therapies



Pippa Sweet leads Arch Clinic’s courses of therapeutic yoga which range from 1½ - 2 hours.  Each session provides a unique blend of relaxation, group reflective practice, mindfulness and movement.  This is an effective therapy for people of all ages who want to invest time each week in maintaining a supple physique and who prefer a quiet, interactive, small group which is supported in developing its yoga practice through individual tuition.  Pippa also offers a range of holistic therapies from reiki to guided meditation.


Call 07976 547606 or 01425 650071 for details

Leaflet available by post or email







Paula Bancroft is fully qualified and a member of the Association of Reflexologists.  Reflexology is an evidence-based therapy where massage is used to apply pressure to the hands and feet.  It is a treatment that can be beneficial for people suffering with allergies, sleeplessness and for women experiencing fertility problems.  Clinics run on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Call 01425 650071 for details

Website: www.pbreflexology.co.uk

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Shindler Sandhu is qualified with the Health Professions Council (HPC) and is a highly experienced therapist. He has practiced locally since 2005, seeing clients at Arch Clinic with a wide variety of hearing problems. He also helps clients who want to delay the onset of further hearing loss. He carries out free hearing checks, removal of ear wax by Microsuction, Hearing Aid checks and offers models to buy with full support offered. Shindler’s service is friendly, relaxed and accessible and always puts your hearing as a priority.


Contact Shindler for appointments or information on: 07834 528191 or Arch Clinic on 01425 650071


Email: shindler2006@hotmail.co.uk

Website: http://restorehearing.co.uk

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Cranio Sacral Therapy



Edwina Berkeley provides this gentle, warm, relaxing and healing treatment by using gentle touch and holds on feet, pelvic area, back, shoulders, neck and head, aiming to help the body to create and maintain a healthy, balanced state.  Cranio-sacral therapy is suitable for all ages from the newborn to the elderly and is particularly useful during pregnancy and after birth, for both mother and baby. People come for help in resolving stress, tension, trauma, acute physical problems affecting back and neck, headache/migraine, physical and emotional problems.  Cranio-sacral therapy in the early postpartum period can also prevent some breastfeeding challenges by enhancing baby's tongue thrust, sucking reflex and latch.  Treatment is also effective for babies.and children who present with irritability, poor sleep habits and tension.


Contact 07742 391425 or 01725 511927 or 01425 650071 for details

Email:  edwinaberkeley@talktalk.net

Website: www.edwinaberkeley.co.uk

Price List and info available by post and email










Paulette Green, HCPC, MChS  helps clients of all ages achieve better foot and nail health, bringing comfort and relief from pain caused by corns, hard skin, fungal infection and ingrowing or thickened toenails.  She can also undertake diabetic foot checks, vascular and neurological assessments (circulation and sensation in the feet) and can treat you if you suffer from a verruca or warts.  Paulette takes referrals from GPs, Community Nurses and other health and social care professionals as well as those who self-refer via the Clinic.  are also available.  Paulette will assess clients who require nail surgery and orthotics (other than simple padding) and refer to the relevant specialist colleagues.  Clinics run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week.

Call 07719817992 or 01425 650071 for details

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Susan Shaw qualified as a Chiropodist/Podiatrist in 2002 and is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). During the past 14 years Susan has been in private practice visiting patients in their own homes and in residential care settings. She is committed to offering a friendly service with the aim of providing a quality, personalised treatment to resolve your foot problem and enable you to lead a full and active life. Susan joined the team at Arch Clinic in October 2016, working every Tuesday from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm in partnership with Paulette Green and Julie Derham to ensure that a choice of appointment times and dates is always available to clients.


Contact Susan for appointments on 0790 196 6688 or Arch Clinic on 01425 650071

Email: info@archclinic.co.uk




Julie Derham qualified in 2016 as a registered Foot Health Practitioner with the British Association.


During the past year Julie has been in private practice visiting patients in their own homes and in residential care settings. She is thorough and gentle in her approach, ensuring that her clients have a positive, relaxing experience whilst their feet are being treated. Julie joined the team at Arch Clinic in September 2016, working every Monday from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm in partnership with Paulette Green and Susan Shaw to ensure that a choice of appointment times and dates is always available to clients.


Contact Julie for appointments on 07968 056015 or Arch Clinic on 01425 650071

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Massage therapy


Julie James, a qualified ITEC trained massage therapist arrived at Arch Clinic in 2008 and remained its resident therapist for 6 years. She re-joined the new team in September 2016. Julie has a holistic

approach to massage, tailoring each treatment to the needs of the patient. She offers Therapeutic, Hot Stone and Indian Head Massage. Julie can also offer Reiki Treatments and is introducing Colour Therapy into her practice.


Call Julie for appointments on 07775 937996 or Arch Clinic on 01425 650071


Email: juliejames555@hotmail.co.uk

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